TwinWorX® Digital Twins Solutions

Monitor, Visualize, Control and Optimize Assets
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  • Bring all your assets, systems and device into one platform.
  • Get data out of silos and turn it into information, real-time status monitoring, performance analysis and and actionable insights.
  • Review and respond to fault detection and diagnosis alerts and alarms.


  • Gain 360 degree visibility of assets via a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ that unifies information, alerts and insights.
  • Intuitively navigate through 3D visualization of facility geospatial information.
  • Quickly and easily search assets, telemetry data, alarms, insights.


  • Command and control assets across the portfolio via bidirectional communication.
  • Increase responsiveness by reacting to alarms and notifications.
  • Increase service levels with proactive and predictive maintenance.


  • Leverage past to predict future performance.
  • Extend asset life through the use of historical trends and analysis.
  • Reduce Energy consumption and energy costs.
  • Use Machine Learning and AI models for predictive and prescriptive insights.
  • Conduct scenario planning and model simulations virtually.
  • Automatically implement adjustments via closed loop optimization.

Customers Include

Large volumes of data from many devices and systems are being generated and stored in disparate silos that cannot be easily analyzed and turned into information and insights.

Difficulty balancing the pressure to drive down costs to improve Net Operating Income while maintaining comfort and high-quality service levels.

Costly unplanned downtime resulting from equipment failures, insufficient resources and scheduling challenges.

Increasing cybersecurity threats resulting from the expansion of Operational Technology and Information Technology within the organization.

Difficulty achieving operational improvements that are needed to meet sustainability goals.

Problems We Solve

Asset intensive industries are driven to improve asset utilization and performance, reduce energy costs, optimize operations, and meet sustainability objectives. However, these objectives are often constrained by significant challenges that we help to solve.