TwinWorX® Voilà

TwinWorX® Voilà is an open and configurable platform for building feature-rich mobile tools for both building operations and tenant experience applications.

  • Provide a frictionless workplace experience
  • 24/7 access to programming, amenities, retail, etc.
  • Empower facilities staff with real-time alerts and access to information 
  • Enable facility tenants to integrate their apps
  • Extend to many more tenant use cases

Core Capabilities

TwinWorX® Single Pane of Glass visualization
  • For authorized operators with the rights to perform UUI monitoring and control operations, the mobile app can be used for administration and monitoring applications.
  • View alerts, notifications, and alarming
  • Access real-time and historical insights about building systems
  • Real-time dashboard with configurable views
  • Performance scores, baselines, by system, processes, sub types
  • Deployment Platform
    • On Premise, Managed Service – compliant with virtualization tools
    • Azure Cloud PaaS.
  • HTML 5 based graphics – cross browser & cross operating system compatibility
  • Available to download from Apple App Store, Google Play
  • OS Support & Form Factor
    • Apple iOS 10 and higher, Android OS 6.0 and higher
  • Integration to third party software applications via documented integration framework with REST APIs to simplify integration.
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Integration
  • Comprehensive identity protection and enhanced security with Azure Active Directory.
Room and Resource Booking
  • Book shared building resources and amenities including meeting rooms, shared conference rooms, event spaces, desks, etc. 
  • Configure your teams and book team resources
  • Directory of Resources and information details such as floor plans, amenities, available technology, occupant capacity, restrictions, etc. 
  • Resource availability, booking and scheduling.

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