TwinWorX®: Digital Twins Solutions for Asset Intensive Industries

Increase operational visibility and efficiencies with a Single Pane of Glass that provides actionable insights and decision making intelligence about your facilities

e-Magic TwinWorX® integrates facility telemetry data into a 3D Digital Twin that enables you to Monitor, Visualize, Control and Optimize assets.

TwinWorX® Capabilities

TwinWorx® Integration Engine

  • Connect to telemetry data from legacy equipment and new IoT devices.
  • Reduce the cost and effort of integration.
  • Build an independent data layer for Analytics
  • Future proof your integration.
  • Protect against cybersecurity threats.
  • Comply with industry standards like HL7, FHIR.

TwinWorX® Explore

  • Monitor and Control via Single Pane of Glass.
  • Intuitively navigate virtually with 3D Digital Twins.
  • Help operations be more efficient and responsive.
  • Easily view real-time insights and KPI’s.
  • Use devices that suit you – desktop, mobile and mixed reality.

TwinWorX® Insights

  • Detect and diagnose faults.
  • Control facility operations costs.
  • Eliminate time consuming spreadsheets.
  • Keep facility environments comfortable.
  • Keep watch over assets with algorithms built on human expertise

TwinWorX® Designer

  • Intuitive visual designer toolset.
  • Model people, spaces and things.
  • Easily build digital twin environments.
  • Understand data through relationships and interdependencies.
  • Import BIM models for meshing twins in 3D.

TwinWorX® Voilà

  • Provide a frictionless workplace experience.
  • 24/7 access to programming, amenities, retail, etc.
  • Empower facilities staff with real-time alerts and access to information.
  • Enable facility tenants to integrate their apps.
  • Extend to many more tenant use cases.

Built on Azure Native Services

TwinWorX® is a secure, scalable solution built with Microsoft Azure native services including Azure IoT Hub, Azure Digital Twins, Azure Machine Learning, and other Azure services.