TwinWorX® Insights

TwinWorX® Insights runs on the edge and in the cloud to provide Fault Detection and Diagnosis analytics and insights.

  • Prioritize faults based on projected costs. 
  • Provide contextualized fault causes.
  • Increase building and maintenance safety.
  • Reduce energy consumption and reduce operational costs.
  • Minimize equipment downtime and provide quick responsive service.
  • Improve occupant experience, comfort and services.

Core Capabilities

Single Pane of Glass Visualization
  • Real-time dashboard with configurable views
  • Performance scores, baselines, by system, processes, sub types
  • Historical trends
  • Responsive UI for desktops and mobile devices
Configurable Rulesets Library
  • Standards-based (NIST, ASHRAE) Library of Standard analytic functions and rules 
  • Configurable analytic queries and rules expressions 
  • Optimize rules with Human Expertise, capturing their dynamic understanding of the environment and contextualizing the problem
  • Data capture, validation, compression, and aggregation
  • Captures operational process data from multiple sources at lightning speed
  • Reliably records faults, events, alarms and other system generated data
  • Ensures continuous access to data via redundancy and high availability
Stream Analytics
  • Event-driven, end-to-end serverless streaming pipeline for demanding, mission-critical, continuous-intelligence applications that are: 
  • Analyzes time-series data and uses FDD rules to detect, diagnose, identify, execute algorithms, evaluate and rank events.
Fault Detection & Diagnosis
  • Dynamic, contextualized, machine enhanced fault detection 
  • Detect and diagnose equipment operational or efficiency faults
  • Identify and prioritize control issues
  • Advise on improving equipment performance
  • Autonomously optimize performance through closed-loop feedback
Streaming Data Sources and Integration
  • Address diverse, heterogeneous environments with a secure, scalable, hybrid architecture
  • Retrieve data from various device and system sources including:
    • Azure IoT Hub, 3rd Party IoT systems
    • Messaging systems (MQTT, Kafka, TCP, JMS), 
    • Databases (PostgreSQL, RDBMS, NoSQL)
    • Services (HTTP, gRPC), File systems, E-mail and others.
  • Transform data on JSON, XML, Text, Avro, and CSV.
  • Secure, encrypted, reliable processing through data preprocessing, fault tolerance, and error handling.
  • Generates alerts based on static and dynamic thresholds. 
  • Correlates data to detect event anomalies and missing events.
  • Supports scheduling, digest, and auto-retry of notifications.
  • Publishes alerts via various event sinks such as email, and MQs.
  • Portal: acknowledge, annotate, and assign issues for corrective action.
  • Supports integration to work order systems / CMMS

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