TwinWorX® Designer

  • Intuitive visual designer toolset
  • Model people, spaces and things
  • Easily build digital twin environments
  • Understand data through relationships and interdependencies
  • Import BIM models for meshing twins in 3D

Core Capabilities

Intuitive Visual Design Tool
  • Easily build digital twins with a graphic design interface
  • Create, edit and view models, properties and relationships
  • Use open source Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) for interoperability
  • Map to industry specific ontologies such as RealEstateCore for smart buildings, NGSI-LD for smart cities, and CIM for energy grids
  • Connect to data points: streaming telemetry, databases, and other sources 
  • Explore, prototype and test digital twins and model ontologies
Create Dynamic Visualizations
  • Create dynamic 3D visualizations by importing BIM models and meshing digital twins to spatial data
  • Utilize the built-in gaming engine to build fly-through navigation experience
  • Map telemetry data points to space coordinates
  • Bookmark locations to quickly access commonly used twins
Construct Analytics and Insights
  • Historical, trending, transactional, telemetry and other data types across a whole network of digital twins can be analyzed in the context of relationships and interdependencies. 
  • Intuitively create, validate and save critical queries.
  • Query digital twin’s and related twins data using SQL-like query syntax.
  • Visual and JSON-structured responses
  • Utilize Azure Data Explorer (ADX) to construct advanced queries of telemetry and time-series data.

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