TwinWorX® for Sustainability

Meet ESG and Sustainability goals by turning energy, operational and activity data into actionable insights

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has come front and center in discussions around corporate performance. There is growing demand for businesses to take responsibility for the environment. Customers expect corporate responsibility, and governments are codifying it into the law. But companies face many challenges on the road to sustainability.

  • Difficulty achieving sustainability goals.
    Organizations have clear sustainability goals and know that moving toward smart buildings can help achieve them—but without a holistic view of energy uses and wastes, it can be challenging to implement initiatives.
  • Insufficient information, understanding, and assessment.
    Many businesses simply don’t have the visibility to monitor, measure and verify the carbon emissions impact of their businesses.
  • Large volumes of data from different devices and systems.
    Whether offices or campuses, buildings generate huge amounts of information that are stored in disparate silos—and as a result, data cannot be easily analyzed for deep insight. Opportunities to improve operations or to lower energy and other operating costs may go unnoticed.
  • Effectively balancing trade-offs between reducing costs, energy, and waste and improving comfort and services.
    Facilities managers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and support sustainability efforts without impeding the productivity and comfort of occupants.

TwinWorX® for Sustainability can help organizations:

Get accurate data about activities that affect your environmental footprint

TwinWorX® gives you a deeper understanding of operational activities by providing you real-time access to telemetry data, alerts, and alarms, along with insights, trends, KPIs and analytics.

Take action on carbon reduction with practical insights
TwinWorX® helps building operators reduce energy, increase occupant comfort, and align with sustainability goals by surfacing
opportunities that reduce operating costs, and increase efficiency.
Create a rich data foundation for sustainable operations

As a full platform for data integration, analytics, and modeling that uses a common data model, TwinWorX® helps you build a solid foundation for operational insights, prediction, and simulation utilizing ML and AI across all your facilities.

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