TwinWorX®: the Digital Twins solution for Energy

Extend asset life, increase utilization and optimize operational efficiencies with a Single Pane of Glass that provides actionable insights and decision making intelligence about your infrastructure assets.
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Critical Challenges

  • Volatile Energy Supply and Demand
  • Aging Grid – Investments
  • New Scenarios (Solar, Electric Vehicle,
  • Prediction Complexity
  • Thermal Generation (Nuclear, Coal)


  • Energy Grid Investment that underperforms
  • Missed opportunity to leverage existing energy sources and integrate new Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • Missed opportunities for new revenue sources

TwinWorX® Digital Twins for Smart Energy


  • Integrate assets, the energy grid, equipment, systems and people into one platform
  • Get data out of silos and turn it into information, real-time status monitoring, performance analysis and and actionable insights about building performance
  • Review and respond to fault detection and diagnosis alerts and alarms.
  • Shift to condition-based monitoring


  • Gain 360 degree visibility of assets via a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ that unifies information, alerts and insights.
  • Maintain visibility to structural health.
  • Intuitively navigate through 3D visualization of facility geospatial information.
  • Quickly and easily search assets, telemetry data, alarms, insights.


  • Command and control resources across the network via bidirectional communication.
  • Increase responsiveness by reacting to alarms and notifications.
  • Improve facilities management service levels with proactive and predictive maintenance.


  • Decision-making for optimal energy storage.
  • Modelling the performance of, for example, a power plant by representing its state, operation or position.
  • Replicate the physical and operational characteristics of a power generation plant or other utility asset prior to construction.
  • Test what-if scenarios and simulations of risks and vulnerabilities using virtual Digital Twins instead of physical environments.
  • Understand the complexity of interconnected and interdependent systems.
  • Extend asset life using historical trends and analysis to better understand usage, wear, maintenance and performance.

Smart Energy Use Cases