TwinWorX®: The Digital Twins solution for Smart Buildings

Increase operational visibility and efficiencies with a Single Pane of Glass that provides actionable insights and decision making intelligence about your buildings.
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Critical Challenges

  • Building operators today struggle to manage or reduce operating costs while increasing building services that improve occupant experience and deliver value. 
  • Too much time is wasted fire fighting equipment failures and reacting to unexpected events. 
  • Improving building systems performance is difficult because data is locked up in disparate systems and databases so you can not get a holistic view of what is going on.


  • The result is unplanned downtime and greater maintenance costs than necessary. 
  • Buildings under perform and continuous improvement initiatives stagnate. 
  • Opportunities to reduce costs or grow services revenues are lost because the tools are not available to support decision making or scenario planning.


Digital Twins for Smart Buildings


  • Integrate BAS, HVAC, metering, lighting, etc. into a single platform
  • Get data out of silos and turn it into information, real-time status monitoring, performance analysis and and actionable insights about building performance 
  • Review and respond to fault detection and diagnosis alerts and alarms.


  • Gain 360 degree visibility of assets via a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ that unifies information, alerts and insights
  • Intuitively navigate through 3D visualization of facility geospatial infromation
  • Quickly and easily search assets, telemetry data, alarms, insights. 


  • Command and control assets across the portfolio via bidirectional communication
  • Increase responsiveness by reacting to alarms and notifications
  • Increase service levels with proactive and predictive maintenance


  • Extend building and equipment life using historical trends and analysis to better understand usage, wear, maintenance and performance.
  • Reduce Energy consumption and energy costs

Smart Buildings Use Cases


Customer Successes


At Colorado University Boulder in Boulder, the Office of Information Technology (OiT) needed real-time visibility into the availability and performance of 186 energy meters. They also wanted to centralize control in order to improve security, reliability, availability and end user experience. 

The TwinWorX© solution provides real-time and historical data for visualization, command and control, alarming, trending, reporting, analytics, and optimization. 

CU’s OIT team has been able to eliminate the expenses for labor, operation, and management of the on-site redundant hardware (servers, firewalls, switches, UPS, wire, etc.) and reduced associated software licensing by 25%. They are now able to view real-time insights and reporting on energy usage, consumption and demand for chilled  water, steam, electricity, water at the campus, building and meter levels.