About Us

With over 30 years of experience, e-Magic has provided best in class solutions to clients across many industries. Since its birth as a local Canadian company, e-Magic has evolved into a global brand with subsidiaries across the United States and India.

Our team of domain experts across the world, draws on years of knowledge and interactions to ensure we always meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

Over the past decade, e-Magic has created global partnerships by leveraging its technological resources and expertise to achieve growth and build out best in class solutions. We are a Microsoft partner, ground breaking member of the Digital Twin Consortium, and associate member of the Project Haystack Organization. These partnerships have allowed us to gain expansive knowledge and best practices across industries.

As more organizations embrace technology, industries are looking for innovative ways to monitor, visualize, control and optimize their operations. e-Magic’s solutions allow clients to engage in a proactive approach to facility and asset management which results in a simplified operation, enhanced execution, improved efficiencies and reduced overall costs. Our analytic processes also help clients optimize energy resources, enhance asset performances and provide new levels of insight to improve interoperability of their systems.

In a world that is ever evolving, e-Magic adheres to a steadfast commitment to provide the best in class solutions to our clients.

Our Story

e-Magic was founded by Tony Harris and Eugene Woo and has been in operation since June,1999. In the 1980s they were the original pioneers who developed software, as well as implementation methodologies, to apply SCADA and artificial intelligence technologies, such as expert systems, neural networks, machine learning and genetic algorithms, for supervisory control and optimization of industrial plants and facilities.

Our systems have been installed globally in diverse industrial sectors including: mining and metals, food and beverage, chemical, cement, oil and gas, petrochemical, buildings, facilities and utilities.

Our Founders

Tony Harris

Tony Harris

President & CEO

+1 (416) 400 3170

Eugene Woo

Eugene Woo

Chief Technology Officer

+1 (647) 200 8000