Are these challenges preventing your organization from improving asset utilization, operational efficiencies, & reducing costs?

  • Large volumes of data from many devices and systems are being generated & stored in disparate silos that cannot be easily analyzed & turned into information & insights.
  • Difficulty balancing the pressure to drive down costs to improve NOI while maintaining comfort & high-quality service levels
  • Increasing cybersecurity threats resulting from the expansion of OT & IT within the organization
  • Costly unplanned downtime resulting from equipment failures, insufficient resources, & scheduling challenges
  • Insufficient operational improvements that are needed to meet sustainability goals

e-Magic TwinWorX® integrates facility telemetry data into a 3D Digital Twin that enables you to Monitor, Visualize, Control, & Optimize assets. It is a scalable solution for companies in a wide range of Industries including buildings, infrastructures, and manufacturing facilities. Contact us if you are interested in incorporating our TwinWorX®️ solution into your company’s offering.